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Company profile
SINCE 2008
Shanghai Bangpu Industrial Group Co. LTD.

Shanghai Bangpu Industrial Group Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates  research, development, production and sales of water supply and drainage equipment.

Our products are mainly used in construction, firefighting, water supply and drainage, and chemical industry.

Our company is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive professional secondary water supply solution, including R&D, production and service for smart water supply and establishment, development and operation of intelligent platform for secondary water supply.

The performance index of our products and the material used in all components meet the requirements of fire control standards, which ensure worry-free experiences for users.

We also provide customers with satisfactory solutions for all kinds of liquids needed in construction and chemical industry.

Our company boasts for its rich experience in design and high standard of manufacturing. We owns dozens of national patents and obtains a number of certificates: quality management system certification, environment management system certification, CCC for firefighting and electrical products, as well as production license for water pump and sewage pump.

With passion and professionalism, Bangpu provides customers with professional water supply and drainage solutions and high quality products.

Fax:+86 21-59741187
Address:No. 111, Shenjiabang Road, Baihe Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai.


传真:+86 21-59741187

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